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Burgess + Kremer Design Group is an Interior Design and Planning Firm headquartered in Georgetown, Kentucky and Van Nuys, California. We consist of a group of individuals with over sixty years experience designing and renovating College and University Bookstores. Our previous professional experience includes another 25 years in architectural design, retail interior design and residential/ commercial construction.

Burgess + Kremer maintains professional membership in the Institute of Store Planners, the National Association of College Stores, the National Association of College Auxiliary Services and other regional college store associations.

Burgess + Kremer is a full service design firm. Our services range from departmental fixture layouts to complete interior space and fixture design, including 3D computer renderings. B + K have worked with over 150 colleges and universities nationwide, in all fifty states. For a partial listing, please see our list of clients.

Several individuals contribute to make Burgess + Kremer the finest; most experienced College Bookstore Design Firm in practice today. B + K has two principal partners. The first is Richard A. Kremer, ISP. Mr. Kremer has been actively involved in the design and planning of college and university stores since 1964. He has been a guest panelist and lecturer at seminars on college store planning for various College Store Associations across the United States and Canada. He has also served as a faculty member for the College Store Research and Educational Foundation Executive Program at Indiana University and as an Associate Director for the California Association of College Stores.

B + K's other principal is David Burgess. Who began his involvement in the college bookstore industry in 1978. It was at this time he worked for a used book wholesaler while putting himself through Architecture school. He served as Vice President for Store Planning and Construction for eleven years with a major bookstore management firm before starting his own practice in 2001. He has lectured at seminars for various College Store Associations in the United States as well.

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